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Últimas notícias sobre o Mercedes-Benz

Quer ir para as pistas comuma Estrela voadora ou conhecera fábrica na Alemanha?

A gente cuida disto para vocês! Duas oportunidades para nossos Associados curtirem ao máximo sua paixão pelas Mercedes-Benz! Aproveite! É diversão garantida!

Dear Mercedes-Benz club members,


We are looking forward to a splendid classic cars season with you and your automobile classics.

For being able to plan ahead your personal event dates we will shortly provide our Mercedes-Benz Club Events 2018 overview.

After having started with the application phase for the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge three weeks ago, we now continue with two great but totally different event concepts.


Race track addicted Mercedes-Benz club members will get everything their hearts desire at our Mercedes-Benz Club Event @ Mercedes-Benz Classic Track Day Hockenheim on March 21, 2018

Event registration can be made directly via the organizer:

Jörg van Ommen Autosport (organizer)



Phone: +49 (0) 2642 1575

For further requests please contact Jörg van Ommen and his team.


Production and technology interested Mercedes-Benz club members are totally happywith ourMercedes-Benz Club Events – Behind the Scenes Visit  Programs.

Event application for the different dates can be made directly via email to oldtimer@daimler.comincluding thefilled out application form (attached in this email).

Please pay attention to the application conditions which are described in detail.

For further requests do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management

Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH
HPC R 102
70546 Stuttgart



Mille Miglia Challenge 2018

Uma exclusividade histórica para nossos Associados! Participe deste evento único no automobilismo mundial!

Dear Mercedes-Benz Club Members,


Please find attached all the details regarding a really special event offer for members of the Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence and the worldwide Mercedes-Benz brand clubs.


Event registration can be made directly via the organizer, the Circle of Excellence GmbH.


Therefore please contact Guest Management by phone on +49 711 17 25000 or via email to

They will provide you with additional information and registration documents.


Make a dream come true - join the “Red Arrow” on Italy’s roads from May 15 – 19, 2018 for the 36th re-enactment of the legendary Mille Miglia!

Lead the way and enjoy more than 1.600 km on nearly the same route as the current Mille Miglia, preceding the contenders as a tribute to the

historic ties between the “most beautiful road race in the world” (to quote Enzo Ferrari) and Mercedes-Benz.


The special thing about the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge: alongside sports cars and AMG vehicles, the competition is also open to all Mercedes-Benz classic cars,

which are not eligible for the official Mille Miglia. Whereas the Mille Miglia is open to only a few select vehicle models, the Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia Challenge is your

unique opportunity to enjoy an almost identical driving experience in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle of your choice.


Participation deadline is April 3, 2018.


Kind regards,

Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management 

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